Bad Days and Good Days

(April 30, 2008)

It’s not necessarily a bad sign if a customer sends you six e-mails in a row, but all e-mails within 30 Minutes isn’t a good sign either. The latter proved to be true as the content of the e-mails was rather unpleasent.

#1: your installation manual is all over the place.  i can install scripts without the manuals but your script is written wrong and i am starting to think deliberately because i found the proper file only i cant change the script to make it work.  i think you did this intentionally to get the installation fees for a simple fix.  so since this is my second email to you about this i will go ahead and stop payment till i get a response from you. 

There was an e-mail a few hours before about a missing file in the download package, but the file wasn’t missing at all. 

Three more e-mails came in about error messages and missing files. The script in Question is our Comment Script. Thousand of people download it every month. So far there were no cases of missing files. There was a customer of our Temporary E-mail script, once whose Zip-Program didn’t unpack empty folders, though. That led to the folder /cache/ being missed. After two or three e-mails that problem had been sorted out and the customer was happy. 

On we go: 

#5: yea i sent a second email and now have sent more from my other email i'm really not happy with my purchase here it seems to me you guys have the script and the only way to make it work is by haveing you install it because you wont give the proper files and i know this because i broke the stupid lock and fixed that bug to find another just as i said that file call is wrong and i am leaning to believe it is intentional. 

#6: you know what i bought it i have the right to fix it myself i wont stop payment but  i will add you to the do not do business again list.  This file is corrupt and it is on purpose or there would be no lock on the code to stop the fixes from being made easily,  i find this a tad immoral along with the way you made the documents file all scrambled  up to try to confuse the average folk into just payin another 29 dollars to have you install the right files. 

Just in case you didn’t notice, we were being accused of intentionally messing the script up so that customers are forced to purchase our installation service. Well, if that’s the case, we haven’t been pretty good at it because the Comment Script installation service has been purchased only once this year. Maybe we would have been more successful with that if we hadn’t provided all the free support in our forums. 

All jokes aside, if a script isn't working as a customer hoped it would, he or she is entitled to be a bit disappointed. So, how do we deal with those rather strong allegations? Well, if we sense that a customer is this unhappy with one of our products, we'll go ahead and cancel the order and refund the money. 

Fortunately for us, most of our customers and users are happy. You want proof? Here are some e-mails we’ve received: 

“want to use your script because it´s awesome.” 

“Dude, seriously your rock.  I am a software developer of many many years, and I can not only appreciate the amount of wor[k] you put into this, but also how seamlessly it works.  It is exactly what I was looking for to include in my site.  You saved me weeks worth of effort to get something that wouldn't even be close to what this is.  Awesome work - keep it up.” 

“You are the bomb!  I've been sweating for 3 days!   Thanks so much.  I'm sorry for the daily emails. I will find a way to spread the news that this is an awesome script!” 

“your scripts are awesome. believe me after searching for days I have come across your website.  you guys have made the scripts to the highest standard and above all its free. i wont waste much of your time and let me talk business.” 


“everything is OK - cliënt implemeted your code and our client is happy, the most important. thanks for your help.” 

Nice, isn’t it? :-)