Log instead of PHP mail()

(August 3, 2005)

Months ago I was looking for a solution to log outgoing mails instead of sending them. This week I found a solution mentioned in Sean's PHP-Related Weblog.

For me only this part was interesting:



$in '';
while (!
feof($stdin)) {
$in .= fread($stdin1024); // read 1kB at a time


It allows you to read from stdin and grab the data that usually would be sent by mail.

To get this to work on Windows I needed to create a batch file that calls PHP with the PHP file as parameter:

c:apachephpphp.exe -q "c:wwwmaillogger.php"

And finally the path to the batch file needs to be set as sendmail_path in php.ini.

sendmail_path = "d:wwwmailloggermaillogger.bat"