New Script - Link and Bookmark Manager

(April 8, 2005)

We have a new script in the family. Link Manager can be used as link section of a website or a personal bookmark manager. You can publish your links/bookmarks or hide them behind a login.

What can you do with Link Manager, what has Link Manager to offer:

  • Manage an arbitrary number of groups
  • Define a name, description, background color and position for each group
  • Sort groups by name, create date or an individual order
  • Create an arbitrary number of links in each group
  • Define name, URL, description, text color for each link
  • Sort links by name, create date, views or an individual order
  • Export and import data
  • A completely template driven layout
  • Different built-in layout templates
  • Lets you create your own layout templates
  • Tracks link views
  • An installation routine

How the script works Once you have the script installed, you will see a few groups with links in it. Those links and groups have been created for demonstration purposes and you are, of course, free to delete them.

In the admin area you are able to create and edit groups and links. Once you have created a group you can assign a link to it. It is also possible to create a new group and a new link simultaneously.

For each group you can define a name, the background color of the group headline and the position within the group list.

There are similar settings for the links. You need to enter at least a URL. You can also define a name, a link color and the priority. But that is not a requirement.

By default the groups are displayed in three columns. That can be changed within the admin area. The program tries always to display the columns in equal length. Therefore you may find several groups with few links in one column and one group with many links in another row. And the more groups and links the better the algorithm works.