New Script – Short URL Script

(August 15, 2006)

Short URL Script allows webmasters to run a URL shortening service under their own domain. The script can create short URLs that do not break in e-mails. As a site owner you can use the script for managing downloads, masking URLs and keeping track of how many times a link has been clicked.

On the user side there is basically only a text field and a submit button. The long URL goes into the text field and after clicking the submit button the short URL shows up. That short URL contains a randomly generated string that is attached by a question mark. There is also an advanced mode which lets the user select an individual string instead of the randomly generated one.

The script registers the creation date and time as well as the last access and the number of hits a short URL receives. The URL list in the admin area can be sorted by these three columns.

URLs can also be deactivated, activated and deleted. In case a URL has been deactivated the users will see a notice about that.

The admin can search in IDs and URLs for a certain keyword.

In the settings section of the admin area the admin can set the front end language as well as the admin account. It is also possible to disable the front end form so that only administrators are able to create short URLs.

Information: Short URL Script