New Version of our PHP Script Temporary E-mail

(January 21, 2008)

Alongside with some changes and adjustments “under the hood” the new version offers new features.

  • Public statistics
  • E-mail RSS/Atom feed
  • Ajax E-mail check
  • Choose e-mail address
  • Delete e-mail
  • E-mail account test

The statistics, already familiar from the admin area, are now being displayed at the bottom of the public area of the script. Users will now be able to see the number of created e-mail addresses, the number of received, valid, and expired e-mails.

Users who have used one e-mail address at several places might want to receive new e-mails without sticking around the website. The answer is an RSS/Atom feed of the e-mail address that those users can subscribe to.

The new Ajax e-mail check is meant to add to the convenience of the script. The e-mail check now happens in the background without the whole page being reloaded. That reduces the time of waiting for the user and puts less strain on the server. Once a new e-mail has arrived, it will be displayed immediately. The window/tab title will be changed, too. This way the user will be notified, even if he or she has opened another window or tab.

When it comes to the e-mail address, the user can now choose his e-mail address. At least the part before the @ sign.

Another small new feature would be the possibility to delete an e-mail. The life of the admin will be easier with this new version. The new E-mail Account Check allows him to test hostname, username, password, and other settings. If some of those data are incorrect, the test program gives tips to solve the problem. It tries to anticipate wrong settings by analyzing the response from the mail server.

With the new version we have updated our general update policy. From now on all feature updates require an update fee. The fee will come to approximately half of the price for one script license. Despite of that, support and bugfix updates will remain free of charge. That means that updates that exclusively correct defects will be free of charge in the future.

For existing customers the update fee will be voluntarily. You can show us your support by paying the update fee, though. Thank you in advance. :-)

Temporary E-mail