PHP Conferences and Workshops

(January 25, 2005)

In the past I didn't care much about participating in PHP conferences and workshops. Just as little as I am crazy about meeting all those gurus and prominent PHP persons. But the PHP conference in Amsterdam this spring could have been an exception. Amsterdam is quite near to Hamburg and a try could not hurt.

But what does hurt are the prices. Three conference days including workshops 869 EUR. Two conference days 649 EUR. It seems that PHP has finally reached the enterprise level. At least the prices have.

Other conferences like the PHP Quebec Conference in Montreal are not cheaper. Two days conference including workshop costs $770. On the website it says:

All visitors will be able to pass the certification exam during the conference (Free).

That makes an advantage of $200. A ray of hope.

I do not really see the necessity in participating in those conferences and workshops. If I were about to spend 800 bucks, I would take a few days off at a place, that is not overcrowded with nerds. No offense of course ;-).