(April 17, 2008)

Recent events gave us a reason to clarify a few things about our refund policy.

We have thousands of customers worldwide and hundreds of new customers every month. Most of them are happy with our products, but some of them are not. There are several reasons as to why customers decide not to use a script: They are unable to install the script. There are compatibility problems with the server. An important feature is missing.

Whatever the reason might be, we always refund the money. But before that, we try to make it work anyway. We login to the server of the customer, looking for the usual suspects: Missing files, incorrect configurations, wrong access credentials for databases and mail accounts. Sometimes we install a script on the server free of charge, even though we offer a paid installation service. The latter contains configuration and layout customization, so it’s not that big of a deal if we make a quick run through the installation routine for free.

All these things are fine and normal. Fumbling with scripts and servers and source code and configuration files isn’t for everyone. That’s okay. So, if you’re an existing customer or if you’re considering buying one of our products, you can relax. If you decide that you don’t want to use our script, you’ll get your money back.