Short URL Script 2.0 Released

(November 25, 2009)

The new version of our Short URL Script comes with lots of new features and changes. Most noticeable is the new design of both the front end and the admin area. It looks way better now.

The most important new feature is the spam and phishing protection. A new module allows you to check each URL against a list of know spam and phishing websites.

We also improved the redirection. Besides the 301 HTTP redirect there is now a top bar mode and a meta refresh mode. The latter shows some statistics, the long URL and a stop button.

In case you've purchased the script within the last 12 months, you're entitled to a free update.

List of the new features

  • New design
  • Spam and phishing protection
  • Top bar mode (optional)
  • Redirection with meta refresh (optional)
  • Shows public statistics for each short URL (date, hits)
  • Bookmarklet to show statistics
  • Database backup
  • Captcha
  • Language selection
  • A separately available module allows you to run multiple domains with one script installation

Screen Shots

New Design

Meta Refresh Redirect