Custom Programming

You like our scripts but you are missing some features or are in need of a completely new script? You have come to the right place. Eight years of experience in programming and customer support make us the perfect partner for you.

This is what we have to offer

  • PHP in every version and variety
  • MySQL (ditto)
  • Ajax (jQuery, Dojo and the like)
  • Payment Systems (PayPal, Credit Card and such)
  • HTML, CSS, Design
  • Everything else that fits into the category website programming

If you're interested, contact us by e-mail.

Projects offers speed camera data that can be uploaded to GPS navigation devices. The project included user management, a shopping function and download management.

Like, offers speed camera data for GPS navigation devices. This website has been built using our content management system.


Guestbookland offers free hosted guestbooks. The project makes use of our guestbook script which is embedded in a self written content management system.

FakeInbox allows you to create e-mail addresses that expire after 60 minutes. You can use them to register at websites without giving them your real e-mail address.

And so on

There have been countless other projects over the years. The bigger ones we have omitted because they were done for German clients. The rest is smaller work - changing of or adding features to one of our pre-made scripts.