Temporary Email

GentleSource Temporary Email (Disposable Email) allows you to create a website that provides the users with disposable e-mail addresses which expire after a certain time. The user can read and reply to e-mails that are sent to the temporary e-mail address within the given time frame.

With a click on a button the user generates a new e-mail address. That address will be stored in the database along with its creation time. The e-mail address is assigned to the user by a session cookie.

The user then uses the e-mail for any purpose where an e-mail address is required. Most commonly that will be some kind of registration.

In the background the script checks continuously for arriving e-mails. Once an e-mail that has been sent to a generated e-mail address arrives, the script displays it.

Feature List

  • Users can generate temporary email addresses
  • Users can read their incoming e-mails
  • Users can reply to e-mails
  • Users can delete e-mails
  • Users can delete the e-mail account
  • Multiple language files
  • HTML Templates
  • PHP 5, MySQL, Windows, Linux, Unix
  • More features and modules (paid and free)

Online Demos

Documentation and Instructions

Pricing and Licensing

A license of the script can be purchased for a one time fee. The fee includes free support. Free updates are available within 12 months after the purchase. If the script has been purchased more than a year ago, an update fee is required.

You can purchase a license by Credit Card, PayPal, Bank/Wire Transfer, Check or Cash. Besides Euro and US-Dollar you can pay in several different currencies.

Ordering takes place via a secure server (SSL) and is carried out for us by share*it and PayPal. Following receipt of payment you will receive an e-mail with a download link. After that you have two weeks time to download the script.

If you have questions or if you get problems during the purchase process, please write us an e-mail.

A script license is required for each domain/ installation.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not satisfied with the script, we will refund your money up to 90 days after the purchase - no questions asked.

Order Installation Service

The decision to use our installation service could save you a lot of time. You only need to send us the FTP and - if the script it requires - the MySQL access data and a link to your website. After that we are able to install the script on your server and customize the layout. Once the installation is finished you let us know how you want the script to be configured. The installation service includes a script license.

Please note that since there is work involved, installation services can't be refunded.