Affiliate Links

The module "Affiliate Links" converts normal URLs into affiliate URLs. If you use it with our Short URL Script, it attaches an affiliate parameter to a URL and then redirects the user to that URL. In the Guestbook Script and the Comment Script it converts all URLs that have been posted in comments and displays those affiliate URLs on your website.

The module allows you to manage an unlimited number of affiliate programs.

Compatible with:

  • Short URL
  • Disposable E-mail
  • News Script
  • Guestbook Script
  • Comment Script

How this module works

The module converts normal URLs into affiliate URLs by attaching a tracking parameter that your affiliate program provides.

The tracking parameter is different for each affiliate program. For example, the tracking parameter for the Amazon affiliate program is tag.

You can find your individual Tracking ID in your Amazon affiliate program control panel.

The stock photography website iStockPhoto has named its tracking parameter refnum and the parameter value is your user name.

In order to use the module, you'll need three values: The domain name, the parameter name, and the parameter value.

The module first tries to match the given domain names with the URL at hand and  then attaches the parameter name and parameter value to the URL.

In case the URL already contains an affiliate parameter, you can tell the script to either ignore it or replace it with your own affiliate ID.

This is how your affiliate tracking parameter list could look like