The Captcha feature displays an image with a string of characters. In order to prove that the visitor is not an automatic spam program, he has to enter the characters shown in the image into a form field. In case both strings match the comment will be accepted.

Note: The Captcha feature requires GD2 library and Freetype to be installed on the server which is the case on most servers. Otherwise, an error message will be displayed or the image dos not contain any text.

In order to use this feature, follow these steps:

Step 1

Copy the file form.tpl.html from the folder /templates/example_captcha/ to the folder /templates/. That will replace the existing form.tpl.html.

The new form.tpl.html contains following additional lines:


<br /><br />


The placeholder {txt_captcha_note} contains the instructions for the user. The placeholder {captcha_content} will be replaced by the HTML code of the Captcha image and the form field.

Step 2

Please make sure that the folder /temp/ is writable (chmod 777).

Step 3

Activate the Captcha image by setting the variable $captcha = 'yes' in index.php.



Please note: Even though the Captcha feature prevents the form from being automatically submitted, there are enough spammers who work the form manually. Therefore, it is possible that you still receive spam messages send by the form.

Though the Captcha feature is fully functioning, it has some limitations. Currently, there is no way to control color or size of the box or of the letters.