Image Captions

By using the image_order.txt you can add information (text captions, image descriptions) to each image.

To demonstrate this feature there are the pre-configured files zz_captions_index.php and zz_captions_window.php. There is also the template file zz_captions_window_table.html. Those additional information will be displayed aside the large image.

The file image_order.txt in directory /images/big/ contains further information that are displayed by each image. The image_order.txt is a simple CSV file. You can add further data separated by a semicolon after the image name.


01.gif;Image Name;Image Description

Each field (column) gets automatically a placeholder to add to the template. Every column is called a field and will be counted ascending by each new field.


{field_1} {field_2} {field_3} ...

Please take a look at the template zz_captions_window_table.html to learn how to add the placeholders to the HTML template.