Count and Display Image Views

You can let the script count and display the image views. To activate the feature just set a file name as value of the variable $logging_file. If you set the same file name as $statistic_file that file will be used to analyze the image views.

In case you want to use this feature please make sure that the directory 'log' and the log file (entered in $logging_file) have write permissions (chmod 777).

To demonstrate the counting feature there are the pre-configured files x_views_index.php and x_views_window.php. There are also the template files x_views_table.html and x_views_window_table.html.

The template files contain the placeholder {views} between the <LOOP ...> tags. That placeholder will be replaced by the number of image views. Just take a look at the templates x_views_table.html and x_views_window_table.html how to add the placeholder to the HTML code.