The file index.php is the configuration file of the script. To edit the settings open the file in a text editor (i.g.: Wordpad under MS Windows). It is important to save the file as text document. The following options can be edited:


Enter here the server path to the script. The path can be relative (./link_manager/). It can also be absolute (/usr/local/etc/httpd/.../link_manager/). Please be sure to include the trailing slash.


You can set here the language. Enter here the abbreviation that also is used in the name of the language file in the directory /languages/ (en in and de in


This option contains the path to the directory where the HTML templates are stored.


You can add values, text, variables or other content that you want to display in the HTML tempalte. That content can be displayed in the HTML templates by using markers/variables within curly brackets { and }.
If you want to add your own values to the variable $add_text please follow the pattern from the example entries.

$add_text = array(
    'txt_additional' => 'Additional',
    'txt_more' => 'More'

The first part of each entry (before =>) is the name of the variable. In case you want to use the value of txt_addition in your template enter the name of the entry with curly brackets - {txt_addition}. The name must not contain white spaces or special characters. Only allowed is the underscore _ .