Include/ Embed the Script

You can include the script into an existing PHP or HTML file. You will find the example files embed.php and embed.shtml within the script folder. The S in *.shtml stands for SSI (Server Side Includes), so you need SSI support on your server.

Variables to configure for the embedded mode:


Set that variable to 1 in order to tell the script that it is embedded.


If you want to display only certain groups, you can add the group IDs separated by commas to the list, i.g.: $groups = '1,3,4,9,20';. You can find the ID of a group in the admin area when you edit a group.


You can include certain groups by putting following code in your existing PHP file:

    $embedded = 1;
    $groups = '2,4,3';
    include './link_manager/index.php';

$embed = 1;

Means that the script does not load the overall layout from layout.tpl.html

$groups = '2,4,3';

Contains the group IDs that you want to display (can be one, can be all)

The same example can be found in the file embed.php that is part of the script.