The script has been configured in a way that makes it ready to use immediately. Please follow these steps:

Step 1

Open the file index.php in a text editor in order to enter the MySQL database access data. Please make sure you have the database access data.

You need following items:


Name of the database server, i.e.: localhost


Name of the database


Username of the database


Database password

You either get those data from your web space control panel or ask your web space provider about them.

Step 2

Connect to your web server using an FTP program. Create a new folder on your server named e.g. link_manager. This way the script will be installed in a sub-directory. If you want to install the script directly in the root folder, just upload all files and folders to the root folder. It is not a requirement of the script to be installed in a sub-directory.

Step 3

Upload the whole script including all files and folders to your server into the new folder. Make sure the original file structure appears on the server.

All files, except for image files, have to be uploaded in text mode (ASCII mode). Images files (gif, jpg, png) have to be uploaded in binary mode. If your FTP program allows you to set the transfer mode to automatic, you should do so. Please make also sure that your FTP program doesn't change the file names to upper or lower case.

Step 4

Call the script in your browser:

The script will automatically detect that the database tables have not yet been installed. Go to the table list at the bottom of the page and click on "Install table" to create the tables.

Step 5

If you have finished the installation by installing the tables, call the script's URL again in your browser or click the "Start" link in the headline.

Login to the system using the default login name admin and the password admin.

We strongly recommend that you change both login name and password after your first login into the admin area.