Layout Customization

Template Files

The script uses a template system that makes it easy to customize the layout. In the folder /template/default/ reside all the HTML files that contain the layout of the front end.


Contains the layout of the front page


Contains the article list and the article details.


Contains the styles.

Create New Template Set

In order to create a new template set create a new folder (i.g. /my_design/) inside the directory /template/. Copy at least the files layout.tpl.html and style.css from the folder default into your new folder. If you want to customize the article list and article detail page, you have to copy the file article.tpl.html too.

Open the file index.php and add following line of code on top of the file (but below <?php).

define('N2S_ALTERNATIVE_TEMPLATE', 'my_design');

Important: Replace my_design with the name of your layout folder.