Features and Configuration

Functions of the script and configuration options in the admin area.

URL Form (Frontend)

By default the script creates a random string. That string will be attached to the URL that you want to use for the script. Alternatively, you can enter your own identifier.

High Performance Mode

By default the script loads several code libraries and makes a lot of runtime configurations. While this is fine under normal traffic, it might be a bottleneck when the server receives a huge amount of traffic. For this case, the script has a High Performance Mode or internally called Slim Mode.

In Slim Mode the script only connects to the database and reads a data record. No loading of code libraries and only a minimal configuration. This gives the script a performance boost and allows higher traffic than in normal mode. On the downside the script no longer counts the redirects.

In order to activate you need to change two options.

  1. Open the file index.php and set following option:

    $slim_mode = true;

  2. If you have activated ModRewrite via the admin area, you need to do the same setting in /configuration/default.inc.php:

    $s6l['url_identifier_handling'] = 'modrewrite'; // parameter, querystring, modrewrite


You can create short URLs with third party tools using the simple API. If you call the script with the parameter "api" containing the configured API key and with the parameter "u" containing the URL you want to shorten, the script delivers the short URL as result, e.g.:


Replace [apikey] with the real API key that you can define in /configuration/default.inc.php.


The bookmarklet allows you to shorten the URL of the web page you're looking at with one click. Just drag the bookmarklet link onto your browser bookmark bar and when you've opened a web page that you want to shorten, just click the bookmark. It redirects to the script and creates the short URL.

Twitter Bookmarklet

The Twitter bookmarklet allows you to shorten the URL of the web page you're looking at and send the shortened URL directly to Twitter with one click. You can activate the Twitter bookmarklet in /configuration/default.inc.php.

Please note that the default Twitter URL might not work for you. You can change that in /configuration/default.inc.php too.

URL List (Admin Area )

The URL list contains all URLs submitted by visitors including date and hits. You can:

  • Search the list for identifier

  • Search the list for URL

  • Sort the list by identifier, URL, creation time, last access time and hits

  • Set the number of URLs on the result page

URL Form (Admin Area)

The form in the admin area works the same as the one in the frontend area. It comes in handy if you have disabled the frontend form but still want to create short URLs.

Admin Account (Admin Area)

In this section you can change login name, e-mail, and login password.


URL Mode

The settings section allows you to change the front end language, set the script URL and enable or disable the front end short URL form.

You can also set the look of your short URL. There are three modes available:

  • URL Parameter (http://www.example.com/short_url/?i=SDGUL)

  • Query String (http://www.example.com/short_url/?SDGUL)

  • .htaccess Mod Rewrite (http://www.example.com/short_url/SDGUL/)

Query String is the default setting. Mod Rewrite only works on an Apache server.

Banned Words

There may be circumstances when you want to ban certain domain names or other text in the URLs people submit to your script. Just add those words surrounded by asterisks to the box "Banned Words" - one word per line, e.g.: