Assuming that you already have unpacked the script files please follow these step-by-step instructions.

Step 1

Create a subfolder on your server (e.g. /tell_a_friend/ or /taf/). Copy all script files into the new folder on your server. It is important that you upload all files, folders and sub-folders to your server. It is also important that the original file and folder structure remains intact.

All files have to be uploaded in text mode (ASCII mode) except for binary files (images, pdf). Binary files have to be transferred in binary mode. Most FTP programs have the option to set the mode to Automatic. With the mode set to Automatic you won't have to worry about it..

Step 2

After you have uploaded the files you can put a link to the script in your HTML pages, e.g.:

<a href="">Seite empfehlen</a>

Or you can call the URL of the script directly in your browser, e.g.:

The script is now ready for you to test. Fill in the fields and send the form.

Step 3

Check your e-mail account for new mails. You should be a bit patient. It may take a couple minutes until the e-mail arrives into your e-mail account.

Should you not receive any e-mails even after quite some time, start again with step 1 and try several different e-mail addresses.

In case that is not successful either, you should test if your server is capable of sending e-mails at all. Create a PHP file mailtest.php with following content:

mail('', 'Test Subject', 'Test Message');

Upload that file to your server and call the URL of it in your browser. In the rare event that this does not work, you should contact your web host.