New Project “Guestbookland”

(February 25, 2010)

Not everyone has a website or a website with scripting capability. Not everyone wants to go through the hassle of installing and customizing a script. Guestbookland is the answer for all those people. That's why we launched a new website that hosts guestbooks. Everyone can create their individual guestbook that runs on our servers.

The guestbooks on Guestbookland come with all the nice features our Guestbook Script is known for, plus a new module that allows you to customize the colors of your guestbook via the admin area.

After you created your guestbook, you can use the provided iframe code and include the script in your website.

Guestbookland is also a good place to test our Guestbook Script in case you're not sure if it suits your needs. You can later install our Guestbook Script on your website and export all guestbook entries and settings and import them back in your own guestbook installation.

Visit Guestbookland