Request URI and Comment Script

(June 29, 2007)

Comment Script automatically uses the request URI (Uniform Request Identifier) as a unique identifier for a comment page. Apple.html and pear.html are different pages and so are apple.php?id=2 and apple.php?id=5. The same applies to /fruit/apple/ vs. /fruit/pear/. Both will show a different set of comments.

This is quite strict and in some cases a webmaster might want to make an exception. For example, what if apple.php?id=2 and apple.php?id=5 show the same content and the parameter ?id=X is only for tracking referrers or affiliates. The solution would be to tell Comment Script to ignore the parameters.

A new module will now enable the script to modify the request URI in order to make apple.php?id=2 and apple.php?id=5 to be seen as the same page by the script. The module will catch the request URI before it gets saved, cut off the parameter and pass it back to the script.

If you think you have use for the new module, you can download the module files and the read the installation instructions in our support forum.

In addition to cutting off the parameters the script can also:

  • Cut off the file name
  • Cut off directories
  • Cut off everything and only leave the domain intact