Installation and configuration guide for GentleSource Gallery.


Assuming that you already have unpacked the script files please follow these step-by-step instructions.


The files 'index.php and 'window.php (x_frame_navi.php and x_frame_main.php or x_simple_index.php and x_simple_window.php) are the same script with different configuration.

Layout Templates

The directory /templates/ contains the files for the layout. You can use HTML and CSS to customize the layout as you wish.

The Images

The images will be sorted as you defined in the variable $order. With the image name you are able to influence the position of that image.

Count and Display Image Views

You can let the script count and display the image views.

Image Captions

By using the image_order.txt you can add information (text captions, image descriptions) to each image.