Link Manager

Installation and configuration guide for the link manager script.


The script has been configured in a way that makes it ready to use immediately.

Working with the Script

Once you are logged in you will probably see a few groups with links in it. Those links and groups have been created for demonstration purposes and you are - of course - free to delete them.


The file index.php is the configuration file of the script.

Include/ Embed the Script

You can include the script into an existing PHP or HTML file.

Export and Import Backups

The section "Manage Data" in the admin area allows you to export and import a backup file. A backup file contains all data from the database including links, groups, and settings.

Layout Customization

The directory /templates/ contains all files responsible for the appearance of the website. You can use HTML and CSS to customize the layout as you wish.

Language Files

All text can be found at one central place - the language files. For each language one file resides in the folder /languages/. You can edit the files using a text editor.