(June 27, 2007)

Writing tutorials is hard work and requires good copy writing skills. And writing good tutorials that actually help people using a program or a website is even harder. Wouldn’t it be nice if a software publisher could create great tutorials with just a few mouse clicks?

(June 25, 2007)

A few days ago we received an e-mail pointing us to a user of our Short URL Script.

You might want to be aware of the fact that is using your link on their main page. They are sending out fraudulent emails made to look like they are from Bank of America requesting people to update account info by opening email. I have forwarded this to If you do not wish to be connected with this you may want to get your link off of their page.

Since we are running a short URL service ourself, we are familiar with that issue. Our service has been shut down twice by the webspace provider.

(June 12, 2007)

The new version fixes a bug that allows spammers to circumvent the Captcha feature and send automated spam. We have also revised the documentation. We added some step-by-step instructions as well as a proper documentation of the features attachment and Captcha.

(May 15, 2007)

The Temporary E-mail script provides the user with disposable e-mail addresses which expire after a certain time. The user can read and reply to e-mails that are sent to the temporary e-mail address within the given time frame.

(May 2, 2007)

The new version contains a bugfix for installations of the script that run on servers where the extension “iconv” is not included into PHP.

(April 19, 2007)

Though we have released a new version just yesterday, we issued a new one today due to some bug fixes.

(April 18, 2007)

We have released Version 1.1.0 of News Script. Following features have been added or changed:

  • Export and import backups
  • Content syndication (RSS, Atom)
  • Boilerplate (text modules)
  • Content replace
  • Ping services
  • Referrer log
  • Social links
(December 6, 2006)

We have launched a new project. Guerrilla Mail provides you with disposable e-mail addresses which expire after 15 minutes.

(November 21, 2006)

We have released version 1.1.0 of our Comment Script. A bunch of features have been added.

(August 16, 2006)

We have updated our Short URL Script. Two bugs have been fixed and 2 features added.

  • Fixed the raise of a fatal error if user enters an existing ID
  • Fixed error if user leaves the ID field empty
  • Force minimum URL length (optional)
  • Added bookmarklet
(August 15, 2006)

Short URL Script allows webmasters to run a URL shortening service under their own domain. The script can create short URLs that do not break in e-mails. As a site owner you can use the script for managing downloads, masking URLs and keeping track of how many times a link has been clicked.

(August 5, 2006)

Comment Script is a script that allows visitors to leave comments on any existing PHP or HTML page. By default, the script shows name, e-mail, homepage, title, and comment fields, though any of them can be disabled. The "comment" field is mandatory and must be filled out before the form can be submitted.

(April 25, 2006)

We have discovered a bug in Guestbook Script that, under certain circumstances, allows a third party to inject code. A potential attacker would be able to spy out local files on the server or to inject malicious code that is located on a third party server. Affected are all versions including 1.7.

(February 13, 2006)

We have just added a feature to our short URL redirection project GentleURL that allows the users to create their own identifier instead of the machine generated code.

(August 3, 2005)

Months ago I was looking for a solution to log outgoing mails instead of sending them. This week I found a solution mentioned in Sean's PHP-Related Weblog.

(July 27, 2005)

The empire is expanding. ;-) We have created our own short URL service - called GentleURL. You can use it to create short URLs that redirect to your long URL.

(April 21, 2005)

This web log entry of Joshua Eichorn tells us about a new fancy technique of using JavaScript for background server requests. The advance is that a web application does not need to reload a whole page, but only parts of it. That saves bandwidth and therefore reduces the loading time of a page.

(April 8, 2005)

We have a new script in the family. Link Manager can be used as link section of a website or a personal bookmark manager. You can publish your links/bookmarks or hide them behind a login.

(March 6, 2005)

Some days ago, when all the phpBB vulnerability messages went through weblogs and other media, I wondered whether our products will ever get mentioned on Bugtraq. I cannot say that I wished to be there because it would tell everyone: Look at them, they write bad and harmful code -- keep your hands off. On the other Hand it would mean that we have reached a critical mass and that it is worth it to take the time, find an exploit and write the e-mail to Bugtraq.

(March 5, 2005)

It took us a few years but our products have finally got the doubtful honor of being mentioned in BugTraq. BugTraq is a "... full disclosure mailing list for the detailed discussion and announcement of computer security vulnerabilities ...".

(March 4, 2005)

MetaCollection is a directory that lists all the important CGI and PHP script archives.

(March 2, 2005)

The new version enables the users to list, change and cancel their appointments. The improvements are another important steps to reduce the workload of the operator and to give the users control over their appointments.

(January 25, 2005)

In the past I didn't care much about participating in PHP conferences and workshops. Just as little as I am crazy about meeting all those gurus and prominent PHP persons. But the PHP conference in Amsterdam this spring could have been an exception. Amsterdam is quite near to Hamburg and a try could not hurt.

(January 9, 2005)

It is time for some statistics. Maybe we can impress someone with those numbers ;-)

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